twtxt features an excellent command-line interface thanks to click. Don’t hesitate to append --help or call commands without arguments to get information about all available commands, options and arguments.

Here are a few of the most common operations you may encounter when using twtxt:

Follow a source

$ twtxt follow bob
✓ You’re now following bob.

List all sources you’re following

$ twtxt following
➤ alice @
➤ bob @

Unfollow a source

$ twtxt unfollow bob
✓ You’ve unfollowed bob.

Post a status update

$ twtxt tweet "Hello, this is twtxt!"

View your timeline

$ twtxt timeline

➤ bob (5 minutes ago):
This is my first "tweet". :)

➤ alice (2 hours ago):
I wonder if this is a thing?

View feed of specific source

$ twtxt view twtxt

➤ twtxt (a day ago):
Fiat Lux!
$ twtxt view

➤ (a day ago):
Fiat Lux!

Edit twtxt configuration

$ twtxt config twtxt.nick tuxtimo
$ twtxt config twtxt.nick
$ twtxt config --remove twtxt.nick
$ twtxt config --edit
# opens your sensible-editor to edit the config file