Because of the decentral nature of twtxt it can be hard to find new peers to follow, or even know who is following one’s own feed. The later being a problem because right now mentions only show up when you actively follow the feed the mention originated from.

To solve this issue, besides the usage of registries, twtxt is using a specially crafted User-Agent string, when making outgoing HTTP requests. This then allows other users to search their webserver’s log file for those strings and find out who is consuming their content.


Implementing a so called linkback mechanism to actively notify someone explicitly about incoming mentions is currently being discussed on GitHub.

The format twtxt is using is as follows:

twtxt/<version> (+<source.url>; @<source.nick>)

For example:

twtxt/1.2.3 (+; @somebody)

Other clients are encouraged to use the same format.