twtxt uses a simple INI-like configuration file. It’s recommended to use twtxt quickstart to create it. On Linux twtxt checks ~/.config/twtxt/config for its configuration. On OSX it uses ~/Library/Application Support/twtxt/config. Consult click.get_app_dir() to find out the config directory for other operating systems.

Here’s an example conf file, showing every currently supported option:

nick = buckket
twtfile = ~/twtxt.txt
twturl =
check_following = True
use_pager = False
use_cache = True
porcelain = False
disclose_identity = False
character_limit = 140
character_warning = 140
limit_timeline = 20
timeline_update_interval = 10
timeout = 5.0
sorting = descending
pre_tweet_hook = "scp {twtfile}"
post_tweet_hook = "scp {twtfile}"
# post_tweet_hook = "tail -1 {twtfile} | cut -f2 | sed -e 's/^/twt=/'| curl -s -d @- -d 'name=foo' -d 'password=bar'"
# post_tweet_hook = "aws s3 cp {twtfile} s3:// --acl public-read --storage-class REDUCED_REDUNDANCY --cache-control 'max-age=60,public'"

bob =
alice =


Option: Type: Default: Help:
nick TEXT   your nick, will be displayed in your timeline
twtfile PATH   path to your local twtxt file
twturl TEXT   URL to your public twtxt file
check_following BOOL True try to resolve URLs when listing followings
use_pager BOOL False use a pager (less) to display your timeline
use_cache BOOL True cache remote twtxt files locally
porcelain BOOL False style output in an easy-to-parse format
disclose_identity BOOL False include nick and twturl in twtxt’s user-agent
character_limit INT None shorten incoming tweets with more characters
character_warning INT None warn when composed tweet has more characters
limit_timeline INT 20 limit amount of tweets shown in your timeline
timeline_update_interval INT 10 time in seconds cache is considered up-to-date
timeout FLOAT 5.0 maximal time a http request is allowed to take
sorting TEXT descending sort timeline either descending or ascending
use_abs_time BOOL False use absolute datetimes in your timeline
pre_tweet_hook TEXT   command to be executed before tweeting
post_tweet_hook TEXT   command to be executed after tweeting

pre_tweet_hook and post_tweet_hook are very useful if you want to push your twtxt file to a remote (web) server. Check the example above tho see how it’s used with scp.


This section holds all your followings as nick, URL pairs. You can edit this section manually or use the follow/unfollow commands of twtxt for greater comfort.