The following sections describe how to install twtxt in different ways on your machine. Currently the we support Windows, Mac OS X and Linux via pip.


Release version

Install twtxt using pip:

$ pip3 install twtxt


Instead of installing the package globally (as root), you may want to install this package locally by passing --user to pip, make sure that you append ~/.local/bin/ to your $PATH. You may also install it using pipx with pipx install twtxt. Or use pyvenv and run twtxt from within a virtualenv.

Packages exist for the following systems:

Development version

Clone the git repository:

$ git clone

We recommend you to develop inside a virtualenv:

$ pyvenv env
$ source env/bin/activate

Install the package via pip in developer mode:

$ pip3 install -e twtxt/[dev]


Appending [dev] to the package name or target location will also install the packages required for testing twtxt, by making use of setuptool’s extra functionality.